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Talk program on microbial cell factory by Dr. Sailesh Malla

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In another episode of #KIAS #ExpertOpinion talk series, Dr. Sailesh Malla gave a presentation on sustainable production of bioactive compounds using microbial cell factories. This talk was held at Kathmandu Institute of Applied Sciences (KIAS) office, Kalanki and was well attended by students, faculty and others.

Microbial cell factories such as bacterial cells offer extensive opportunities for the commercial production of complex biomolecules. This method is considered to be consuming less energy and using less heavy metal catalysts, acids and bases used in conventional chemical synthesis making microbial synthesis less toxic method. During his talk Dr. Malla highlighted his work involving gram-negative bacterium E. coli as host combining its genetic modification and favorable fermentation system for industrial production of molecules of interest such as flavonoids.

Dr. Malla holds PhD in biochemistry from Sun Moon University, South Korea and currently works as researcher at the Novo Nordisk Foundation, Center for Biosustainability, The Technical University of Denmark, Denmark.