Center for Water and Atmospheric Research


Center for Water and Atmospheric Research (CenWAR) conducts integrated research on two broad thematic areas, water and air. CenWAR’s primary aim is to provide a scientific basis for the sustainable management and development of Hindu Kush-Himalayan Region’s atmospheric, fresh water systems and associated resources.  It is also aimed at advancing and coordinating water and atmosphere related research at Kathmandu Institute of Applied Sciences while promoting and facilitating substantive collaboration with national and international institutions. Current Projects:

  1. Satellite rainfall estimation and validation in the Central Himalayan Region (CHR)
  2. Setup of a hydrological modeling framework for Dudh Koshi Basin
  3. Assessment of Drought Occurrence in Western, Central and Eastern part of Nepal
  4. Development of satellite based drought monitoring and forecasting tool for Nepal
Drought occurrence in various parts of Nepal


Dr. Hemu Kafle
Remote sensing, Surface energy fluxes modeling, Climate induced disasters